Hawtorn Football Club

2D animation / 3.7.2019


Hawthorn Hawks, the largest Australian football club in the world, searched for a studio through Genero (a marketing agency site) to design and create an animated video for club membership for the upcoming season.

The club’s presented brief required a one-minute animated video content for the promotion of club membership, highlighting reasons and benefits of membership, excluding the classic ones like lower ticket and merchandise prices.


Hawtorn Football Club


Character Development, 2D animation, Screenplay, 

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Considering it is the largest and most successful sports club on a continent, we felt a great responsibility in developing the idea. Knowing that Genero uses a large number of studios, many of which are globally known, it was necessary to design a proposal that would be visually and thematically separated from the others.

Our response was based, but also started, with a quote from Rod Stewart “You go through life wondering what it’s all about, but at the end of the day it’s all about family…” which served as an “eye-catcher” and main thread for the presentation of the idea of “club=family”.

Every club with a dedicated fan base can be seen as a family with experiences passed down from generation to generation. In both good and bad moments, a true fan stays with their club, just as we stay with our family.

The video was based on three different generations of a family, with emphasis on the son, mother, and grandfather, each representing one of the feelings that can be associated with the club:
Son – youthful passion
Mother – unconditional love
Grandfather – happy memories

With a storyboard, we gave insight into the rough timeline of the story. By simply associating the concept of family with the club, we wanted to show how going to games and loyalty to the club helps in connecting within the families that are members.

The visual part was presented with pre-illustrated main characters and a few rough scenes to give the client the best possible insight into the style we want to use.

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Very quickly after the competition was completed, we were informed that the client liked our proposal the best, and after brief consultations, we agreed on further collaboration.

The first thing we had to approach was finalizing the entire scenario. With constant communication with the client, we agreed on all the key elements and scenes that we wanted to include in the video.

Production & Approval.

The next step was the production of the video itself. The final video was a combination of 2D animation and motion graphics with a duration of 1 minute and 15 seconds. The video was completed on time and delivered to the client for approval.

The client was extremely satisfied with the final product and gave us approval to use the video for promotion. The video was a great success and had a significant impact on the membership campaign.