Mali Zmaj Artivio Humanitarian Exhibition

On Wednesday, artivio; held a humanitarian exhibition of digital artwork called “Mali Zmaj artivio;”. The exhibition was held at the Multimedia Cultural Center (KCM). The exhibition aimed to raise funds for the Mali Zmaj association, which works towards improving the quality of life for poor and underprivileged children. The event attracted around a hundred interested donors, and a total of more than 5,000 euros in donations were reserved. The exhibition was opened by popular singer and artist Bojan Jambrošić.

artivio; creative technology studio from Zagreb organized the exhibition, showcasing the 30 best digital works of its artists as a token of gratitude for their previous work. The exhibited pieces were created by 3D artists, illustrators, UI/UX designers, photographers, and graphic designers who work in artivio;.

The exhibition was a combination of humanitarian efforts, part of the company’s rebranding, and a means to showcase the artistic works. “Alongside the classic digital works of our artists, the exhibition also features a digital component. Since our inception, our goal has been to push trends in technology, and who knows, we might start a trend among other companies to allocate their budgets for the greater good of the community,” said artivio;’s CEO Milan Gudeljević.

The Mali Zmaj association was a co-organizer of the exhibition, running more than 25 programs each year to improve the quality of life for poor and underprivileged children.

The association organizes more than 25 programs throughout the year, such as Villa Birthday Party, Letter to Grandpa Dragon, or Little Dragon Goes to School. We are currently in the phase of collecting gifts for Easter for our beneficiaries, so this exhibition fits perfectly into our program. We invite all interested individuals to join us in volunteering” said Tajana Radotić, the secretary of the Mali Zmaj association.

Exhibition visitors could bid for the works through a “silent auction,” and donors with the highest donations towards Mali Zmaj received their desired framed artwork as a gift at the end of the evening. Individual pieces could be reserved with a donation of 500 euros, and the total amount of reserved donations exceeded 5,000 euros.

Digital Exhibition

For all interested digital art enthusiasts who were unable to attend the physical exhibition, artivio; also offered a digital exhibition, which was a novelty on the local market. As artivio; is primarily a studio for creative technologies, a 360-degree virtual 3D gallery exhibition was created and can be permanently accessed on the website

Users can navigate through the virtual space via their computers and mobile devices, enjoying selected digital artworks. By clicking on the artwork, it is enlarged, and clicking below it provides a description of the piece, information on the programs Mali Zmaj is involved in, and opportunities to get involved with the association.

All interested online donors can email with proof of their donation to the Mali Zmaj association, and in return, Artivio will send them a limited edition graphic design ready for printing as a token of gratitude.

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